Be Like Dr. Seuss: Resilient with Your Beliefs

Resilience does pay off. Do you know how many times Dr. Seuss was turned down from his dream of publishing his now known children’s books? He was turned down 27 times and now he’s the #1 ALL-time best-selling author of children’s books. Year after Year.

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Representations of Your Manifestations

I give FREE Mastering ManiFASTing training in the Facebook community, Manifest It!, and I just added new training, representations of your manifestations. I’m adding it to the Members Freebies Library, as well, so you can always refer back to it when you want. Here is the training:

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Setting Intentions & ManiFasting Via Your Brain's Functioning

Hey Amazing Soul! Have you heard? I'm on Soundcloud now! Today's podcast is about HOW to set your intentions & ManiFast by using TWO areas of your brain. I know, it sounds like it could be another science lecture, but it's NOT! So, take a listen because learning HOW to use your brain helps you...

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Challenges: How Do You View Them?

The above says it all in how I view challenges, but I am curious as to how you view them. Are they stairs leading up to your goals? Are they little "obstacles" you get "points" for each time you bop them like a virtual Mario likes to do? Maybe they are opportunities? Or, are they limits? Are they...

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Soo…What Gives?

  Hey Sensational Soul! It's time for some more Mastering Manifasting training! I know some of you are wondering...why isn't this happening for me? Why haven't my manifestations come YET!? Ugh...I just don't understand it! But, what most of us don't want to admit is that we like to control...

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How Are You with Honest Communication?

You feel something is "off", but you can't quite put your finger on it. Your intuition is beeping "alert" at you, but you can't quite understand why. You KNOW something is wrong, but you don't know WHAT is wrong. Have you ever felt this way? Do you confront the person you feel something is not...

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Learning to Embrace Change to ALLOW for Your Manifestations!

Hey Sensational Soul! Remember: ▪ What you are thinking, everyone, at some point in time, thought it, too. ▪ What you are feeling, everyone, at some point in time, felt it, too. ▪ What you are doing as a result of the above, everyone, at some point in time, has done it, too. Your thoughts, your...

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Hey Sensational Soul! Every day you get a choice. Each day you take steps and over time they compound. Any direction you choose to go, over time, it compounds with progress. This is a GOOD thing because if you feel you are going in a direction you are not wanting to keep going in, you can choose...

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When You Change the Way You Look at Things…

...The Things You Look at Change Think Of It This Way: Money Shifted Its Energy In 5000 B.C. Before then people bartered things like bags of rice and beans. And then commodities such as salt, tea, and tobacco began to be exchanged. THEN metal objects began to be used as "money". Read the above...

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Keep Planting Those Seeds!

Stay the course, keep planting those seeds, daily. Keep writing your reality into existence and write with conviction, daily. When you have a challenging day, remind yourself this, too, shall pass. Do activities you love to do that bring you into alignment and help you maintain your alignment,...

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You Are Amazing! Why Are You Holding Back?

Hey Sensational Soul! Do you even realize just how AMAZING you are? Every single one of us has a gift to help one another on this planet. This idea of competition or playing small and holding back in order to "fit it" is so in the past. REALLY. What are you dreams in your life? Who do you aspire...

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Hey There, I’m Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Johnston. I’m the author of the #1 best-selling Don’t Feel Stuck! books, creator of the brand and podcast Manifest It!®, and #1 best-selling publisher, Manifest It!® Publishing.

My manifestations include being in Psychology Today, Thrive Global, The Washington Post,, The Secret Stories, Redfin, New Thinking Mag, etc. Having manifested 99% of my desires within 10 months, I share my manifestation tips through my #1 best-selling books and interview Hollywood and other public figures on my podcast about their journey to success.

I created Manifest It!® Publishing to help you publish your dream book and become an officially published and profitable author. I also help you meet your writing goals through mentoring and various writing services.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams of success!

Connect with Jaclyn for more manifestation, mental wellness, and success tips.


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