Need Affirmation Musings?


Hey Sensational Soul!

If you are ever wondering how I perform my Mastering Your Mindset journaling in order to CALL IN and manifest my wants and desires into my physical realm, today I’m in a sharing mood! I hope they help you as well during YOUR Mastering Your Mindset journaling.

Here are some affirmations I use on a daily basis (or for however long it pumps up my soul and feels great to journal out with true conviction):

I am more than enough.

I have a purpose in this world.

I am definitely worthy and deserving of my wants and desires.

I am relaxed, calm, and trusting the process.

The Universe is ALWAYS working FOR me.

The Universe loves me every moment of the day.

I am (insert manifestation)!

My income is always increasing!

When I say yes, the Universe says yes back to me!

I trust in the Divine timing and the “how”.

I am going forward because it feels good to my soul.

When I follow my soul’s wants, I know I am living in my purpose.

I am perfectly allowed to live in my purpose.

Money flows to me in total ease when I live in my purpose.

Money always flows to me in total ease!

It is so easy to live by my soul’s purpose and receive my blessings.

Whenever I do follow my soul’s guidance blessings flow into my life.

Whenever I do follow my soul’s purpose blessings easily flow into my life.

When I live my life by following my soul financial abundance starts flowing into my life.

When I live by my soul’s calling financial abundance easily flows into my bank account.

My imperfections are not imperfections at all, I was created by the Universe and I’m always loved.

I am a child of the Universe and I’m worthy of being happy.

It is never too late to choose to allow in ANY and EVERY type of abundance into my life, NOW!

Each time I choose to follow my soul, life chooses to bless me.

Each time I choose to follow my soul, the Universe chooses to work FOR me.

Each time I choose to follow my soul I am a total badass rockstar at life!


Now it’s YOUR turn to finish this sentence stem and fully write out the sentence 20 times:

Each time I choose to follow my soul, I feel…( x 20)!


It feels SO GOOD to empower yourself and open yourself up to ALLOW in all of your manifestations! You are here on this earth for a purpose and you are meant to share your gifts to the world. You DO matter, so start sharing your gifts because NO ONE ELSE on this planet has them in the same way you have them. You’ve totally got this! Have a wonderful weekend.

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn



Hey Sensational Soul!

You get a choice, you get to DECIDE. What do you want in life? What is truly calling for you to have, be, and do before your shell exits this physical planet?

You are put onto this earth for a PURPOSE. You can have, be, and do ANYTHING your heart and soul desires!

Get Clear

Get CLEAR on what your soul’s calling is in life. You will know it because it gives you reason to wake up each day and get out of bed. It gives you thoughts and feelings of passion and drive. It gives you the urge to vibrate into the Universe by taking inspired actions to receive MORE of it!

You get to DECIDE! This is the beauty of manifesting and it is SO EMPOWERING!

And then here comes the part where Mastering Your Mindset comes into play (for your advantage, of course):

Now you get to DECIDE if you want TO BELIEVE you can have, be, and do ANYTHING your soul truly wants into your physical realm. And you CAN!

Be Relentless

You know how I emphasize to commit to DAILY Mastering Your Mindset work? Well, I’m serious! For almost a year I have been manifesting a big dream into my life and while I AM still manifesting it, I haven’t shut out any and every blessings that have come for me along the way! No way! Why would I want to shut out ANY and EVERY blessing?

Point is, I am DECIDING that it’s DONE and each day I work on SHIFTING my deeply rooted beliefs around this topic both on a conscious AND a subconscious level. Yep! Life is a journey and if I manifested 100% of everything I truly want into my life right NOW, what would be the fun in continuing on this journey?

I AM deciding to BELIEVE I AM manifesting it and I AM manifesting it! I see progress each month, patience is a virtue. I tell myself this every day. And my mindset HAS shifted SO MUCH from a year ago. I AM deciding to BELIEVE I deserve it and I am worthy of it!

How Do I Do This?

– I watch motivational videos for about 30 minutes each day.

– I perform my Mastering Your Mindset journaling every day stating that I AM, I HAVE, and I AM doing everything I am currently manifesting as if I ALREADY have it into my physical realm!

– I also dig into my mindset journaling and ask myself WHY I feel I am not worthy of deserving of having it so that I can IDENTIFY my hang-ups.

– And then ask myself, “what could I be doing to SHIFT this thinking and this belief?”

And I know that even though my subconscious beliefs are still rooted, I AM working consciously to decode, identify, and RELEASE these thoughts and beliefs that are NO LONGER SERVING ME for my highest good!

Practice makes for progression and progression makes for the manifestation, yes! I AM manifesting into my physical realm…

And so can YOU! I totally believe in you, beautiful soul! I really do, so KEEP GOING! You CAN do this!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn



Let’s Talk About Mac and Cheese, Chocolate, and Steak and HOW It All Relates to Money!


Hey Sensational Soul!

Today I was thinking about money and how souls tend to feel STUCK with regards to the “cheddah”, pun intended because I’m about to start talking about my beloved macaroni and cheese. But first, before this part-Italiana gets into pasta, she wants to remind you of this:

Whatever it is you are manifesting into your physical realm, and you ARE manifesting it, speeds up its process via HOW you focus on it and HOW you emit those feeling GOOD vibrations into the Universe. If you are feeling anxious and nervous about it, then the Universe is going to give you MORE things to feel anxious and nervous about. If you are feeling like it’s a HELL YES, feeling free, feeling like “whatever, I don’t care about it coming because I know it’s ALREADY mine!”, then the Universe responds accordingly by giving you MORE things to feel like a HELL YES about.

The more you practice at feeling like a HELL YES through positive thoughts, positive feelings, following your soul’s positive vibes, taking inspired actions, the more your manifestation speeds up into your physical realm. It’s a done deal. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s on its way to you as we SPEAK!

NOW. Let’s talk about a topic EVERYONE loves to talk about and that is, of course, SEX! Oh wait, that’s in a different blog: MONEY! Actually, I could relate the two topics of sex and money together…but I feel like talking about macaroni and cheese because I love it so much and I know a lot of females LOVE cheese just as much as I love cheese. Also, everyone loves chocolate…and for you men out there…STEAK and CHICKEN!


So, if you are still with me in this blog post, these are things I’m going to enlighten you about with regards to HOW to call in more of the green paper stuff into your physical realm.

Macaroni and Cheese

Just saying the phrase causes my senses to salivate. That hot, creamy, yellow goodness melting onto pasta noodles, thus melting into your mouth as you take each bite. How could one NOT like mac and cheese? It’s such a wonderful, memory-making comfort food. Some of us remember our moms making it for lunch as we watched our favorite TV shows or read our favorite books. This cheesy goodness is all over the place in grocery stores for us to enjoy and lick the gigantic spoon afterward.


And Chocolate

Chocolate is such a silken rich and smooth texture that literally climbs over your taste buds and begs to be devoured into your being with each and every bite. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, mandarin chocolate, there is SO MUCH out there that our soul and bodies love to treat ourselves with in area of food.

And Steak and Chicken

I’m not much of a red meat-eater, but I do enjoy chicken in my salads or in my egg rolls. Regardless of whether it is red meat or white meat, that juicy, tender stuff easily fills up our bodies with its flavor. Tacos, soups, sandwiches, salads, skewers, or even by itself, it just tastes GOOD!

Now that I have your taste buds reeling with excitement, when you think of you favorite foods (whatever they ARE), you crave them and produce internal sparks of excitement as you go to obtain them. Right? You pick up the box or packet in the grocery store and put them into your cart. You drive to the restaurant to order them either to sit down and eat or drive away to take home. Some of us even order them online and eagerly wait for the package to arrive to our doorstep.

The Point Is

You know your favorite foods exist and that’s just the end of it. You ACCEPT that they exist and you ALLOW yourself to obtain them for your enjoyment. You ALLOW yourself to obtain them and enjoy them because you have made the CHOICE to do so. Right? You decided: I am craving a burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and secret sauce…I’m going to get one right now, or for dinner later tonight. It’s decided. It’s DONE. And then you move on not worrying about how you are going to get one or when you will get one because you KNOW it’s yours for the receiving and you will eat one when you are hungry for it. It’s claimed, it’s signed, sealed, and delivered right into your mouth FOR you.

Now on to the Money

Receiving money is the SAME process. It truly is. Money is LITERALLY everywhere. The government actually prints it from paper and ink. The Universe is SO ABUNDANT with money. Money DOES grow on trees. Money IS easily accessible and easily able to receive your own mouth- if you so choose to eat it. I know, that sounds crazy, right? But, my point is it’s ALL a choice! ALL of it. You get to, THANKFULLY, choose what you want to eat for your meals, and you CAN do the same with money.

Next time you think about money, start thinking about your favorite food instead. You think of ALL the things about your favorite food that create such exciting and elated thoughts and feelings…and then you claim it, you accept it, and you allow yourself to receive it. You go and get it, and then you CHOOSE to eat it. Done! There’s no long, drawn-out, stressful process with it. You just crave it, it excites you, and you figure out a way to go get it and receive it. Receiving money is the SAME process.



Mastering Your Mindset with Money

Every day when I perform Mastering Your Mindset journaling I write out how thankful I am to have received ALL of my blessings into my life- including my income. Do I weigh my gratitude of my income more heavily than I do of my other life blessings? No. I literally ALLOW myself to be thankful for it, truly be thankful for it, through my mindset journaling, AND I thank the Universe for all of my income that is on its way to me. But I don’t just stop there. I also journal out everything I AM doing with my received income. For example, I donate to various animal organizations on a monthly basis. This is something I am ALREADY doing. So I journal it out thanking the Universe to be able to provide me the income to do so. And then I mesh it all together in my writing, or my typing onto a computer, with thanking the Universe for all of my income I AM receiving because it allows me to serve humanity and the planet by being able to donate and travel to part of the world where I can learn more about how I can give back and serve through science and medical research.

I don’t worry with stress or anxiety HOW and WHEN I am doing this, I just ACCEPT it, claim it, signed, sealed, and delivered. It’s done. And I know I’m doing it, I’m not going to worry about the how or the when. I’m just going to keep taking inspired actions around my life’s goals on a daily basis and keep moving forward towards it. I imagine myself IN the moment of doing. And I do it daily. And then I journal out and brainstorm ways I can help myself to move even MORE SO into the direction of my manifestations. And then I take physical steps of actions because it feels like a HELL YES to me, to my soul, to my PURPOSE.

Now, does this mean I don’t journal out the house I am living in with my received income? I do that, too, yes! By all means, get very detailed around what you ARE doing, where you ARE living, what you ARE wearing, who you ARE spending time with, and how you ARE giving back to humanity and to the Universe. Please, get very detailed around it. The more detail you provide of ALL the things you ARE doing, the more positive feelings conjure up within your being- thus communicating to the Universe I want MORE things and moments that produce these kinds of thoughts and feelings into my physical realm. Your mind, your soul, and the Universe work together SIMULTANEOUSLY in manifesting everything you ARE manifesting into your physical realm. And you ARE manifesting right now.

What are your goals in life? What ARE you doing with the money? Money is just money…there is no positive or negative to it. All it is is just energy- it’s a tool of exchange. So what ARE you doing with the money? And HOW are you focusing on receiving it? Is it a positive and thankful process? Or, is it a negative and stressful process? If it’s the latter, flip it in your Mastering your Mindset journaling. State the opposite, TRAIN your brain (your mindset) to view money from a DIFFERENT angle that is more positive. What can you DO with your income that serves humanity and the Universe?

We Live In A World Full of Exchange

Sitting around on your couch waiting for money to drop into your lap is not going to speed up the manifestation process. Now, maybe one day a relative passes and you do receive money, or maybe a refund comes in from somewhere that you had no idea you were being overcharged for, sure. These things DO happen, but if you want to SPEED UP the process of receiving money, start thinking and feeling and DOING what is going to move you CLOSER to what feels like a HELL YES within your soul- because it is your gift to the world. Receiving money, just like receiving your favorite foods, is a process of exchange. You give money and you receive your favorite foods. Same thing with receiving money, you perform the exchange process. And you DECIDE that it’s a done-deal. You make a CHOICE that it’s yours. And you don’t dwell on it, you don’t worry about it, you don’t stress about it because these are the kinds of vibrations you are emitting into the Universe.

You just DECIDE it’s a done-deal and you relax, do things that feel GOOD to you and your soul, take inspired actions moving you FORWARD towards your manifestations to SHOW the Universe what you truly want into your physical realm, and you ALLOW for your money to flow into your physical realm however and whenever. You relax, you allow, it’s ONLY money. It’s ONLY energy. It’s ONLY an exchange of energy.

I Challenge You

For your Mastering Your Mindset journaling, empowering and transformation mindset activities that I provide in my VIP manifesting group, Don’t Feel Stuck! In-Depth Coaching w/Journal Girl Jaclyn, I challenge you to perform your mindset journaling (either writing or typing onto a computer, doesn’t matter) and I want you to explore your favorite food. I want you to go into great detail of every little thing you LOVE about your favorite food. Spend at least 5 minutes on this.


Then I want you to start a separate paragraph and switch the word of your favorite food and replace it with the word “money”. I know, this sounds silly. But it works! The point of this is to get you to realize that it’s ONLY MONEY. And all of those feel-good POSITIVE vibes that manifest within you from going into detail around your favorite food can be with money as well. It’s how you CHOOSE to view it. Read it to yourself out loud, laugh at it, just do it. Take 5 minutes and do it.

And then? Then take 10-15 more minutes and perform your Mastering Your Mindset journaling about how thankful you are with ALL of your blessings you have received into your physical realm- including money. And journal out everything you ARE doing in exchange for the money you ARE receiving- how you help humanity, how you give back, how you serve the Universe. And all of your dreams you want to experience in receiving your money. And really relish in it. Make love to your journaling around it. See, I told you I could tie in sex with money…I mentioned this earlier in my blog post.

But seriously, almost everyone loves sex, so make love to your journaling while you are performing your mindset journaling around how THANKFUL you are to receive ALL of your income that you are CONSTANTLY receiving. And what you ARE doing with it, both in serving the Universe and in enjoying your life. Because we are all meant to enjoy our lives. We are WORTHY of enjoying our lives. And we are ALLOWED to enjoy our lives. So allow yourself to receive. Get out of your own way. It’s ONLY money.

Affirm this to yourself (but plug it in with the word of your own favorite food):

Money IS my favorite food. My favorite food IS money. My favorite food LOVES me and I LOVE my favorite food. Money LOVES me and I LOVE money. My favorite good is SO EASY to receive. Money is SO EASY to receive.

Get what I’m driving at here? It’s ONLY money. It’s all an exchange of energy. How do YOU want to exchange this energy starting today!?

If you are interested in becoming a VIP manifesting Mastering Your Mindset member in our small, private Facebook group, go to Manifesting Programs! to learn more about the membership. I’m running a HUGE promo on it right now and I’m not sure how long I will run it. The VIP manifesting group, Don’t Feel Stuck! In-Depth Coaching w/Journal Girl Jaclyn, entails frequent Mastering Your Mindset trainings as well as way more access to ME and MY proven methods in manifesting ANYTHING YOU WANT into your physical realm! You just post in the small, private group about what you are wanting help with, and I give you my guided coaching through responses for you.

And don’t think I don’t kick your spiritual ass into gear with mindset work, because this is how I help keep you accountable and how you can empower YOURSELF in SHIFTING from living in a limiting mindset, thus limiting life, into a more ABUNDANT mindset, thus ABUNDANT life! YES! It IS possible, I have many clients who can attest to this. And I can attest to it because it only took my stubborn ass 10 months to wrap my head and soul around it. Life is MEANT to be lived in abundance and in FUN! And with great food and great love!

Thank you so much for reading and as I always say…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

PS- Find out more information about who the hell I am and what I do at . Have a wonderful day and week!

You Choose: Fossil Or Diamond


You get that spark of inspiration.

You wait a couple of seconds and the doubt starts to set in.

You then think about all the reason why it WON’T work.

You are now feeling emotions of dread, slight fear, lack of confidence, feeling like you are not good enough.

This is your moment to CHOOSE. You GET a choice: do you want to FOCUS on these thoughts and feelings? Or, do you want to feel GOOD about your mental inspirational download? And EACH time do you want to feel GOOD about your mental inspirational download each time it comes?

How do you WANT to feel? What does your soul TRULY want? What is aching to get out within you?

The Universe is responding to what you FOCUS on. As humans we always have ups and downs- and this is perfectly okay! Let yourself think, acknowledge it; but, you get to CHOOSE what you want to focus on. Let your limiting thoughts pass through you. Let your thoughts of lack move on, don’t cling to them. You get a choice.

You get to choose. You DO get to choose. State the opposite of whatever limiting thoughts you are feeling. State the opposite as many times as needed- you CAN train your mindset. You CAN train yourself to start thinking and feeling FROM your soul’s truest feelings and emotions.


Your soul communicates to the Universe. Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work with each other SIMULTANEOUSLY. And you ARE in control of YOUR mindset, you ARE in control of YOUR soul, and the Universe responds TO you. You want MORE blessings to come into your life? Start FEELING into your blessings you have NOW. You want more success to come into your life? Start doing things that feel good to you NOW.

Step by step, day after day, keep going. Let yourself shine, let your soul FREE.

One of the best ways to anchor INTO your soul the mindset your soul TRULY wants, ALL the things you desire into your life, and to speed UP your manifestations is to perform consistent mindset journaling- what I call Mastering Your Mindset journaling.

Like attracts like. The Universe is YOUR oyster. You’ve got this. Love yourself. Be gentle with yourself. And go kick some spiritual ass, you Master Manifestor you!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Love > Fear


Love is greater than fear. Love is treating yourself with the tender, loving, care than is healthy and needed each day. Love is treating others by seeing the good in them. Love is telling your fears to go “f*ck off!” each time you feel a fear creeping up to the surface.

Love Is Purpose

Love is following your soul’s calling. What does your gut, your intuition, pull you towards? This is your soul’s calling. What gives you purpose in life?What has you waking up each day and looking forward to the day? If you don’t know, it’s perfectly okay! What are you passionate about? Perhaps it is art, or music, or science, or poetry, children, animals, there IS SOMETHING underneath those layers you have built up around yourself to try and stifle anything that causes an emotional reaction.

Love Is Your Message

Love is following your soul’s value and message in life. What is your message to the world? How do you bring value to this Universe and to humanity? What does your soul TRULY want to do in order to give back to humanity and to our earth? What is YOUR message? Forget about everyone else’s thoughts or opinions. They are only scared, THEMSELVES, and so they speak ill of others in order to ATTEMPT to fill the void that is their own lack of self-love. Forget about them. They do not pay your bills at the end of the day. Follow your soul’s message and give it to the world!

Love Is Freedom

Love is greater than fear. Love is all encompassing. Love is FREEDOM. Love is full of ALLOWING. Love is loving life. Life is right now. Life is not promised to anyone for tomorrow. Life is RIGHT NOW. Life is waiting FOR YOU to start living it. Life is waiting FOR YOU to start living by your soul’s true calling. Let me say it again: life is right NOW. You ARE allowed to live your life the way you so choose to live it. You ARE allowed and worthy to be who you WANT to be. You want to be a tennis player who earns a living by playing tennis? Go do it! You LOVE tennis? Go play it after work. ALLOW yourself to be FREE. Allow yourself to learn tennis, and with DAILY practice, you start mastering the skill of playing tennis.

Love Is Manifesting

This is exactly HOW you learn the art of manifesting Universal abundance (and anything else your soul truly desires) into your life. You gotta LOVE what you are doing, who you ARE, how you ARE living. You gotta LOVE yourself and your love for life blossoms. Your love for life attracts more things and people that are to love and are loving into your physical sphere.

Love Is Allowing & Surrendering

Love is ALLOWING and SURRENDERING to the Universe, God, the angels, Source, however you want to title it. Love is allowing ANY and ALL blessings to come into your physical realm. Love is surrendering to ANY and ALL ways of “how” and “when” the Universe delivers your manifestation. The Universe either manifests EXACTLY what you want into your physical realm; or, something much BETTER comes FOR you! You gotta trust, you gotta believe, you gotta KNOW that the way to manifest is to live in LOVE. Love is following your soul’s nudges (your gut, your intuition) and going forth, taking inspired actions DAILY. Keep going!

Love Is Never Giving Up

Love is never giving up on your dreams because they ARE manifesting behind the scenes before they, BOOM!, just appear into your physical realm (and it WILL happen!). Love is TRUSTING, love is BELIEVING, love is being OPEN and ALLOWING, love is SURRENDERING. Love is greater than fear. Love is greater than fear and it gives us purpose in the world. Fear is false if you so CHOOSE it to be. Love is empowering. Love is loving yourself and loving your life that is right NOW, not tomorrow. Love is the way.

Love IS the Universe. Love IS this earth. Love IS its inhabitants.

Love IS…well, love is YOU.

Keep going, you’ve got this.

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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