Hey Sensational Soul!

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Today we are exploring and meshing your own blessings and your own beliefs. When you examine what you are thankful for and WHY you are thankful for them, you can figure out HOW to incorporate your blessings into learning how to SHIFT your mindset beliefs. By doing so, the thought of propelling yourself even CLOSER to your manifestations doesn’t seem so abstract and hard to do. Seriously!

In today’s example I am asking you to think of someone you know who has or does impact you in a powerful way.

Is it a past teacher or family member? Or perhaps it’s a current family member and/or your spouse? Or maybe it was/is an acquaintance in your life?

It can be anyone, there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” person to choose for this.

Normally I do not give out the full Mastering Your Mindset prompts, but I want to really show you a sneak peak of what happens in the group every Friday. So here we go:


Pick someone who impacted (or impacts) your life in a good way and write a letter to them addressing the following:


1) What is it about them as a person that impacts you in such a positive way?

2) What did they say and/or do that impacted you so greatly? Or, what is it they say and/or do that impacts you so greatly?

3) Why are you still thankful for them to this day?

4) What do you carry with you from your memories of them (or if they are still in your life, what do you admire about them THE MOST)?

5) Now that you know what kind of characteristics and things from another that you admire and HOW it has helped you/helps you…what can you do to incorporate this into moving CLOSER to your manifestations coming into your physical realm? What about them can help you NOW in the present? What about HOW they helped you can help you NOW in the present?



With respect to #5, journal out the following:

6) Since you believe this person has impacted you/impacts you in such a positive way, describe reasons WHY this is in fact, TRUE. Finish this sentence stem at least 10 times: I fully believe (insert person) has such a positive impact on me and my life because…(you are going to play the lawyer and really state your case as to why your beliefs are TRUE and REAL).

7) Now take what you wrote and change the person’s name to YOUR name. Finish this sentence stem at least 10 times: I fully believe I have such a positive impact on ME and MY LIFE because…(really write it all out each time with TRUE conviction).

8) Finish this sentence 15 times: now that I am in full conviction of who I AM, I choose to take inspired actions to bring forth my manifestations and SHOW the Universe what my soul’s truest purpose is by…


As you perform this Mastering Your Mindset exercise, do NOT be afraid to dig real deep and get completely raw with yourself. The more honest you are with yourself, the MORE BREAKTHROUGHS and RELEASES you have…and this is very cleansing.

This opens the gateway to clarity and realizations for yourself and your life. Furthermore, it speeds up the manifestation process because you feel more in FLOW with yourself and your life.

And don’t forget: each time you have that spark of an inspirational idea, it is your SOUL nudging you along to take inspired actions!

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Have a wonderful weekend! And remember…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn