Hey Sensational Souls!
Happy Tuesday! I want to break down the law of attraction formula for you:

  1. Write everything you want to manifest as IS in the present and that you ALREADY are experiencing it/have it/ARE it.
  2. Journal it all out with complete conviction, really FEEL into your journaling and use writing to help you visualize it all as IS in the present. If it doesn’t inspire you, then you don’t truly want it.
  3. Write everything down that you are truly so thankful for in your life (it helps to elevate your mood and brings the positive feelings into the forefront).
  4. Do this DAILY so that you can practice shifting your mindset from a place of disbelief to belief.
  5. Be patient. If you’re tired, take a rest; however, do NOT give up altogether. Don’t get trapped in “destination happiness”. Having what you want to manifest should be a BONUS, a cherry on top, in your life. It should NOT be “if I get it, then I’ll be happy” because this is truly missing the whole formula!
  6. Love yourself. Do things that elevate your thoughts, your emotions, and your mood.
  7. Do your mindset journaling/visualization DAILY, and then surrender to the Universe KNOWING it’s manifesting into the physical realm. This means letting go and allowing the Universe to do its work on how it is coming into the physical realm and when it is coming into the physical realm.

Think of like shopping online: you select the item, put it into your cart, and you check out by adding your shipping address and payment information. And then you go about your life because you KNOW it’s on its way to your door. The more you focus on wondering “when it’s going to happen”, the more you are actually subconsciously/consciously focusing on the fact that it’s NOT here. This communicates to the Universe that by your focus, you want more of what you are focusing on.
So relax, write with conviction every single day when you do your mindset journaling, visualize it all in details as you write and write/visualize it all as IS in the present. Then? Go on about your day and do things that bring you happiness and joy, do things you enjoy, and TRUST knowing that it IS CURRENTLY manifesting. Your mind, your soul (your mind’s core that communicates back and forth with your mind) communicate with each other in your emotions. Both your mind and your soul communicate with the Universe. They all work together simultaneously!
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Happy February and don’t forget…
Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn