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The Pursuit of Happiness

Something I’ve learned over the years about happiness:

You cannot defeat psychopaths. Psychopaths always find a way to step on others and climb up the ladder in life. This is why so many hold the power in the world. It sucks. Being a “whistleblower,” as they like to label us because we know they are mistreating people, gets us into trouble. Think MLK Jr. and John Lennon. People didn’t like them calling out mistreatments and manipulations towards others.

My advice for when a psychopath has their eyes set on you whether it be your career, love-life, family, friendships, etc.:

The best way to deal with them is to move out of their way and document everything they do in a 100% logical description (do not use emotion in documents) and include the date of the incident so that you have all the documentation for when the day comes they will try and get rid of you. Because they will. Find another path to get you out of this situation.

If you stay in this situation it will only get worse for you. I repeat:

If you stay in this situation it will only get worse for YOU. Go towards happiness.

You need to put yourself first and this is why you need to get out of the situation altogether. Have faith in the Universe because something so much BETTER is out there for you and you will feel so free in this better environment. Change is scary because it means you have to put your faith into the “unknown.” But I promise you, for your mental health and for your safety, trust the Universe and go down another pathway to get out of any psychopathic hold.

And forgive yourself. You’re not stupid. You’re not weak. You’re not crazy. And you’re not wrong. You’re not. Psychopaths are master manipulators. Happiness is a feeling you are worthy enough to experience.

You Are What You Continue to Allow. The Pursuit of Happiness.

It’s amazing how cutting the cord with a psychopath gives you so much freedom and a much better life. Trust the process of change, forgive yourself, be gentle with yourself, love yourself, and go forward on your new path into a much BETTER life, job, relationship, etc. Write into Reality your new situation to help you visualize it. Your desires emerge much faster this way. You are what you continue to allow because habits build up. You get a choice because you become what you continue to allow through the compound effect.

XOXO Jaclyn

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