I remember that exact moment I knew I had had enough of existing in a powerless and unfulfilling life. I remember that exact moment I knew I was done with this crap of going through the motions, day after day.

Do you ever feel this way? And more importantly, are you tired of it yet?

When I first started my Law of Attraction “experiment” I wasn’t sure what would become of it. But I was damn sure I was done existing in the life I had already created. I asked myself:

What do I want?

We all have the yearning to celebrate our own wins. We all want to feel good about ourselves, we all want to feel successful in our lives, and we all want to FEEL what x, y, z represents.

I remember writing down how I wanted to be out of debt because I wanted to help a lot of organizations in the world. Every day I wrote down or typed out onto my laptop’s keyboard that I was debt-free and having $10K cash received monthly blessings. And I wrote down how I was giving back to those in the world who need our help:

Human souls
Animals souls
Trees and plants
Our water system
Science and medical enhancements
Our planet

Through my daily mindset work I felt like a total badass when it came to receiving money in order to help others where it’s needed most.

But there was also this nagging thought that kept plaguing me in the back of my mind:

I’m still in debt, how can I help others in this condition? I’ll never be able to do what I truly want to do in this world, in my life. I’m not good enough.

It was like a slow burning of my self-esteem’s flame.

For over a year I was setting my intentions daily, practicing my version 2.0 role in my version 2.0 life through monthly donations of $5 “here” and $10 “there” as book readers and clients purchased my books and programs. Yet, at the same time my subconscious was eating away at my confidence.

Little did I know within a couple of earth rotations around the sun I would actually BECOME debt-free.

I didn’t actually believe it was going to happen, but I kept going with practicing at it anyway.

Now, a couple of years later, I AM debt-free, I’m so incredibly thankful, and I AM helping to give back to our world in ways that I originally intended. It’s because I practice at being my version 2.0 role over and over again.

Sure, I am not a millionaire being able to give back as much as I’d really like to give; but, the formula I use of taking daily manifesting steps towards my goals and practicing my version 2.0 self, living my version 2.0 life, has helped to show the Universe what I am commanding by funneling my desires into my physical realm. It’s the building-blocks of manifesting. Your manifestations can definitely happen for you, too!

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Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Today I am working with cancer patients through donations from my line of journals, My Manifesting Journal. In addition, I’m donating more money to survivors of violence, to survivors of natural disasters, and to animal care. And I’m working by assisting my professor with his dream-manifesto of shaping our future through encouraging younger generations to bring more awareness about our ecosystem and the severe impact avoidance can create if we are not taking manifesting action around it.

I didn’t see all of this developing exactly how it is now when I first started envisioning it a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, I remained open to the “how” and the “when” of this all taking shape.

And by doing so, even with having that nagging thought in the back of my mind that I would never be debt-free, my desires ARE taking shape because I keep going. My version 2.0 life is taking shape because I’ve been practicing at BEING my version 2.0 self in the present moment.

Does this mean I’m perfect? Hell no! I’m still learning every day. For me, this is good enough because I’ve made the deliberate decision for it to be so. Therefore, it be. And now I’m a master at manifesting and I’m ManiFASTing more and more into my sphere.

You can do this, too, when you DECIDE for it to be so.

It Is Because You Are Available for It

I find so much joy by creating my work through Manifest It! And because I know I’m taking my soul’s purpose-work and creating a more positive impact for the world, I am using more PROFITS from Manifest It! and I am giving back to the Universe through ways that feel good to ME.

Everyone’s version 2.0 self and version 2.0 life is unique, including yours.

You deserve to live your life being happy, creating your soul’s purpose-work, and receiving ALL your blessings that are coming to you BECAUSE you are open to the outcome.

95% of the time your blessings are much better than you could ever imagine it to be. Your manifestations ARE emerging, the “how” and the “when” is not the focus because you’ll subconsciously hold it at bay this way.

Just keep going daily, practice at being your version 2.0 self, living your version 2.0 life with incremental manifesting action. The Universe will respond by reflecting it to you through change.

So, allow for change, embrace change, break up with your fearful existence, and trust the process of blooming into who you were always meant to be, underneath your layers of doubt and fear.

When will you be done with this “crap” of existing in life? When will you make yourself available to everything you could possibly imagine?

Manifesting is not a destination of received desires, it’s a journey of receiving desires. As you receive, your life becomes your new version because your desires change.

You’ve got this!

XOXO Jaclyn

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