Hey Beautiful Soul!

We all know perfume and cologne smell differently on each person because of our body’s reactions to the chemicals used in fragrances. Do you know that the “smell” of money also comes from you? That metal smell from coins is not because of the coins, themselves. It’s the reaction from your own body’s particles mixing with the elements that make up the coins that create the smell.

Everything is an energy exchange, including money. Does the “smell” of money leave you feeling positive or negative?

If you don’t like the “smell” of money, then it’s time to start associating the “smell” of money in a positive way, instead!

What is a fragrance you like? Each time you make a deposit on your phone or at the bank, smell your preferred fragrance so that you start associating the “smell” of money in a positive and abundant way!

XOXO Jaclyn


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