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Hey Amazing Soul!

So many people overthink how the Law of Attraction works, thus the reason why it seems it’s not working for them. However, the Law of Attraction is not as hard as some think it is. Let me break it down for you:

  • The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like”.

What you LIKE may not be what you are attracting because you may not fully understand what the phrase means. The Universe behaves in a boomerang effect, so output equals input. What you focus on is what is being reflected back to you. If you focus on feeling struggle and negative feelings, you’ll continue to receive things, people, and events that reflect this.

  • The Law of Attraction is usually associated with “what you focus on expands”.

It doesn’t reflect a single thought back to you. Everyone has similar thoughts and feelings, if the Law of Attraction actually reflected back to you every single one of your thoughts, you’d be dizzy spinning around as fast as the earth spins! Instead, the Universe reflects back to you what you continue to focus on most of the time.

  • The Law of Attraction is some kind of magical potion that produces miracles.

We are inside of our heads 24/7. What we observe in others are snapshots of circumstances (especially what we observe on TV and on social media). It’s like the glacier effect: we only see the tip of the glacier and don’t realize there is so much more below the surface. We tend to think success is something that is easy and comes quickly. Yet, we have a hard time recognizing the daily compound effect so many successful people use in order to receive so many of their blessings.

So, Does This Mean the Law of Attraction is Not Real?

Before you start doubting the power of the Law of Attraction, one of the physical laws of science, shift your perspective a bit in your approach to the whole thing. And when you shift your perspective, you shift your surroundings and what is being reflected back to you. Here are some tips to help you shift your perspective in what I mentioned in the above:

  • “Like attracts like”. Output equals input.

Start by doing your daily Mastering ManiFASTing mindset journaling either on paper or onto your computer. And if you’re not into typing or writing, state it out loud to yourself while you look in the mirror. State what you are thankful for that you currently have in your life. There is always something to be thankful for (ex: your sight, your hearing, your ability to walk, your A/C, your fridge with food, your best friend, your spouse, your pets, etc.). Write out/type out/speak out loud 11 things you are thankful for and WHY you are thankful for them every day. This helps to cement your gratitude.

  • “What you focus on expands”. Now that you know how to get a grasp on setting gratitude intention, realize you are human.

We ALL have good days and bad days. We all have thousands of thoughts each day, and we all have various moods from time to time. Give yourself a break. Be gentle on yourself because experiencing this doesn’t mean you are NOT manifesting everything you want into your life. You still ARE, and if you CHOOSE to believe this, then the expansion of what the Universe reflects back to you will be the same: you manifest everything you want into your life.
Acknowledge your limiting thoughts, but ALLOW them to pass you by, like a car passes by you on the street. You don’t run out into the middle of the street waving your arms about hoping the car will hit you. So, don’t allow your thoughts to unpack and live rent-free in your head. Acknowledge the thought, and allow it to pass through you. Believe your gratitude rituals, believe what you focus on DOES expand, and it will (and does).

  • The Law of Attraction IS some kind of magical potion that produces miracles because if it’s what you choose to believe, then it is.

You tell yourself stories all day long in your head, so what you focus on is what you believe. And what you believe is what expands. Realize what you observe in others and their circumstances is a snapshot, it’s YOUR perception. What you choose to focus on is their success, good luck, etc. What you may not see is their compound effect of daily laboring behind the scenes to bring their business into what it is now. You may not see their own daily Mastering ManiFASTing work to shift their own beliefs from limiting and negative into being of beliefs of abundance, positive energy, and so much MORE.

Everything IS a miracle in our Universe. Think about it this way:

You perceive yourself to be of a “solid” nature when in fact you are made up of mostly water, which are tiny fast-moving elemental particles that are vibrating to create the illusion of a “solid”. If this, alone, isn’t a miracle, then I don’t know WHAT is.
The Law of Attraction IS a daily compound effect. And the results? They ARE your manifestations. They can emerge into your physical realm very quickly with regards to your perception of time. Or, they may take longer if you focus on “the waiting” most of the time. It’s not some kind of Hollywood potion, the potion is literally your perception because anything and everything can and does exist all at the same time in our Universe…it’s quantum physics, baby!

The Moral to This STORY is…

Everything is perception based up on what you CHOOSE to believe as the story you tell yourself. And what you choose to believe to tell yourself is what you focus on, thus it expands over time. YOU are a powerful creator because YOU are a powerful phenomenon, itself. YOU ARE manifesting everything you want into your life. All of your desires ARE yours and yours, alone, because everyone has specific variations of what they desire into their physical sphere. And everything you observe is a snapshot, the tip of the glacier, not the entire glacier. The Law of Attraction IS magical because YOU are a magical being.
Plant your seeds, water them daily, and maintain your focus of gratitude because there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for in this world. What you are currently experiencing won’t be the same 6 months from now. It may not be the same 2 months from now. It may not even be the same 2 WEEKS from now because change is the only constant. Energy is constantly changing 24/7. Allow for change while maintaining your gratitude, take inspired actions that feel like a HELL YES from your soul, and ALLOW your blessings to come to you however and whenever…because they ARE coming to you, for you. And this I believe!
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What’s the worst that could happen? Think about it for a minute…fearful thoughts are STORIES you CHOOSE to believe and focus on each day. It’s time to change your habits, Beautiful Soul, and create your EMPOWERING habits of gratitude, of abundance, and of RECEIVING all your desires with ease. I totally believe in you, you’ve got this!

See you soon and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Release Your Fear & ManiFast: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn 

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