Hi Sensational Souls!

I am SO EXCITED!!!! Okay, so while manifesting some really cool things this past year, the universe has blessed me with some sweet surprises recently: the short film with Tilda Swinton narrating it and music by George Lucas- with my name in the credits! So was not EXPECTING it! But, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe (and to the physicists I work with every day)!

Here are some questions I’m offering as an extended Weekend Challenge for you for this weekend!!! My book is set to launch next month and I’m in a celebratory mood! I want to help you all because you are SO vital to this world!

Okay, here is what I did for my mindset this morning and now it’s YOUR turn:

1) Why do you WANT your desires/life goals? Remember, this is about doing and being what your SOUL is calling you to do!

2) Money is JUST a piece of paper, it’s JUST energy, and it’s a give-give relationship and it’s LIMITLESS in this universe! You are ALLOWED to receive it in a specific amount! Journal out your response and state your case as to WHY you deserve it and what you are going to DO with it in life and in your soul’s purpose!

3) Whenever I am feeling tired and needing some rest, I commit to…finish the sentence and commit to it! Don’t give up, just rest when you are feeling tired!

4) Awareness: what is the reason WHY you are holding back from taking inspired actions towards your life goals/new dream reality?

5) What do I appreciate about myself? What skills in life am I really strong at? Using what I love about myself and my strong skills in life, how can I apply them to my inspired actions in bringing my new dream reality to life? What can I do TODAY to help accelerate the results?

GO! HAVE FUN! The point is to feel inspired and feel GOOD! Don’t make it so hard, it’s EASY because you CHOOSE to have it all be EASY! Follow your soul’s nudges! You’ve got this! Enjoy your Saturday!!!!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn