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Hi Sensational Souls!

The weekend is here and 2018 is literally upon us. I was reading some spiritual articles this morning and it sounds as if 2018 is the year for love and prosperity. Therefore, I decided to cater my weekly journaling prompts that I give every Friday in my Facebook community, Manifest It!, to help prepare us all for 2018’s year of LOVE and PROSPERITY. Journal out or type out onto your computer the following:

1) What are you thankful for that has happened in 2017? Answer this question 11 times.

2) What are you manifesting right now? WHY do you want to manifest it/them? What progress have you made so far in the manifestation process (anything and everything counts- remember, big steps, small steps, doesn’t matter so long as they are steps)?

3) Complete this sentence 11 times: I AM so thankful for my ability to…(finish by describing the traits you love about yourself and WHY you love these traits about yourself)

4) In love and relationships, I am thankful for…(complete this sentence 11 times and write out your DESIRED loving relationship with your mate as IS/already IN the present- remember, you are manifesting your desired relationship by believing it as IS)

5) WHY are you thankful for #4 (answer 11 times)? FEEL into your whys and relish in the joys you feel as you answer!

5) With respect to what you are manifesting (any and everything), what are you going to do in 2018 to help you SHOW the Universe/God what you desire? You ARE receiving help behind the scenes to speed up the manifestation process! Answer at least 5 times. Prosperity comes when you follow your soul’s inspired nudges- your soul’s calling! Focus on WHAT you are passionate about in life because prosperity follows! How can you serve the Universe and all of its inhabitants?

6) Now that you have brainstormed some ideas in #5, look over what feels good and gives you feelings of inspiration and circle these. Journal/type out WHY you feel inspired by these!

7) What can you do to hold yourself accountable with these inspired actions you have identified? Answer at least 5 times.

8) Read what you wrote in #7 and DO IT! Set calendar reminders in your phone to take these inspired action steps 3 times per week! Remember, consistency is KEY, keep going! Consistency really does pay off and you are SHOWING the Universe/God what you truly want- and you ARE being heard. I promise! KEEP GOING!

9) Free-write your new reality for the next 10-15 minutes. What does your new reality look like? What are your surroundings of colors, textures, sounds, feelings, daily habits, who are you spending time with, etc. Get real specific!The more you FEEL into your writing/typing, the more alive it comes and it helps to speed up your manifestation process! And state your WHYS when writing/typing because this produces more feelings of conviction when you express WHY you desire what you are manifesting!

10) How are you feeling now? Read #7 and #8 one more time and GO DO IT! Start now! There is no reason to wait until 2018, start/continue showing the Universe/God what you ARE manifesting! Daily steps ARE steps towards your soul’s new reality- keep going!

Remember, magic happens outside of your comfort zone. It really does! I am proof of this, so the more you practice, the less uncomfortable you begin to feel because your mind starts shifting towards your new reality and it begins to feel even more REAL as you go. It is supposed to feel odd in the beginning, but just like in learning how to ride a bike, you are learning to shift your mindset and your belief systems into your new reality. And trust me, the Universe/God IS listening and responding. Magic happens behind the scenes at first, and then the physical realm catches up. Your mind CREATES the physical because the Universe/God responds!

PS- Unblock Into Alignment, the 6-day online program, starts January 5th! Learn how to identify and release limiting mental beliefs, establish a newly positive belief system, and learn how to work WITH the Universe in order to speed up your manifestations! 6 days of journaling mindset activities paired with inspired actions, a secret Facebook group, and access to me to help you with this process by answering your questions throughout this program!

And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn