Rumi has it right. Whenever you follow your soul’s guidance, you not only feel this sort of “sigh” in your body; but, you also feel a flow of joyful and freeing feelings within you. This is what true freedom feels like. This is what real happiness stems from…you gotta follow your soul’s calling ALL the time. The Universe HAS your back and trust me, it IS manifesting exactly what you focus on through positive and loving vibrations that you emit into the world.

Keep going! Each decision you make, is it a “should” or a “hell yeah!”?Each direction you take on your path of life, is it an “expected” or a “soul purpose” move? It’s never too late to change directions. You’ve got this!

During your mindset journaling, write out in true conviction: I easily receive…because I AM following my soul! Each time I follow my soul I feel…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Universe! I AM open and ready to receive…!

And the Universe is ALWAYS giving you EXACTLY what you want, OR something much BETTER comes to you! YES! How awesome is this!? Relax, release, surrender, and allow the Universe to do its job of the “how” and the “when”. Just trust and believe!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn