Ask yourself this (and be honest):

Are you consistent with your mindset journaling every single day?

Honestly? Honestly. Are you? It’s okay if you answered “no” to yourself. Being consistent is building a habit. Habits can be hard to build, and even harder to break. What was something you learned as a child that you are proud you learned to be able to do?

Me? It was learning to play a symphonic instrument. Whatever your answer is, did you LEARN it and be able to sustain the knowledge of it within a few minutes? Probably not. Me? It took me a few weeks to remember all of the keys and be able to read each note on the music sheet. However, I practiced every day and I DID learn it, and even to the point of being able to sustain my knowledge of it so much that it became second-nature for me to be able to play clarinet and read music. It was awkward at first, sure. Anything you do that is new is going to feel awkward. Nonetheless, over time, with DAILY consistent practice, you start to master it and then you feel like a total badass at it!

It is the SAME with mindset journaling. By the use of repetition mindset journaling anchors into your being’s core and then your mindset and belief system starts to SHIFT to where you want it to be: positive, relaxed, calm, confident, trusting, and accepting. And with this comes your habitual feelings of what feels like second-nature because you start to accept and continue to accept what you CHOOSE to focus on with regards to your new reality.

Train your mindset just like you trained yourself when you were young at whatever it is you learned. You can do this!

Here are some tips to help you stay consistent in manifesting your new reality:

▪ Commit to yourself that you ARE doing your mindset journaling DAILY. Write it down, post it on the fridge or on your mirror in your bathroom, anywhere that you will see it often.
▪ Each time you perform your mindset journaling write out what you ARE manifesting and WHY you want it. This will help you to stay focused, plus it feels so good to remember WHY you ARE manifesting your new reality.
▪ Your feelings and your thoughts are NOT permanent. So, if you are feeling tired, run down, doubtful, etc, KNOW that your thoughts and feelings are NOT permanent. Journal out thoughts that leave you feeling good. Put on some good music while you do this. Light a nice smelling candle. Whatever you can do to elevate your mood.
▪ Set your alarm on your phone to remind you to do your mindset journaling DAILY. It’s good to try and do this each morning before you start your day so that you set your intentions for the day; however, not everyone is a morning person. I’m definitely NOT a morning person. I do my mindset journaling every day at the same time each day. Set your alarm to get you into this groove to do the same for yourself.
▪ Remember this: you have TODAY, but you are not promised tomorrow. How important is your new reality? How much do you want your manifestation? Why would you allow yourself to make excuses NOT to do your mindset journaling TODAY? How badly do you want this?
▪ Lastly, if you don’t feel like doing your mindset journaling…well, DO IT ANYWAY! The more you put it off, the more you are farther away from your manifestations being your physical realm. BUT, when you do your mindset journaling on a DAILY basis, your mindset starts to shift towards what you are training your mind to think and believe as “truth” in your journaling. So do it! And do it daily!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn