Hey Sensational Souls!

If you do your mindset journaling every single day with true conviction, you are TRAINING your conscious to imprint into your mindset what you deem to be “true”. Therefore, you are also training your SUBCONSCIOUSbecause over time your thoughts (conscious) and beliefs (subconscious) become second-nature within your existence.

When you learn the lyrics to a song you focus with conviction, training your brain to remember what the lyrics ARE to the song. Over time, you don’t even have to try to remember the lyrics because you trained your brain to learn them (you deemed the lyrics as “true”, as IS, when you were learning them). So, over time it is second-nature each time the song comes on and you break out singing the words. You don’t even have to try to remember them, your brain just picks it up as “true” and as IS in the present and you are happily singing along.

Same thing in mindset journaling: consistency and repetition TRAIN your brain and your mindset to deem what you want as TRUE, as IS in the present.

So make sure you do NOT skip a day doing your mindset journaling. Use positive affirmations in your journaling, write them out over and over again:

I AM so freaking abundant and prosperous every single day!

I AM…right now!
I receive…in complete and total ease!
I receive…every single day!
It’s so easy to receive…!
My life is a HUGE blessing because I AM so freaking abundant!

Whatever it is you are manifesting, do your mindset journaling EVERY SINGLE DAY. It will help to speed up your manifestations! 5-10 minutes is really all you need, but definitely write longer if you desire it. When you write, journal with true conviction and write to ELEVATE your mindset into feeling inspired, more positive, excited, and then? Then take inspired actions throughout your day that moves you TOWARDS your new reality. When you are faced with a decision, is it going to help move you CLOSER to your new reality? If not, don’t go down that road. SHOW the Universe what you desire, every day take these mental and physical steps. The Universe IS helping you along the way.

Train your mindset. YOU have the power. You can do this! If you haven’t done so already, join our manifesting Facebook group, Manifest It! Every single Friday in the group I post FREE mindset journaling activities to help you speed up your manifestations! See you in the group!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn