Hi Sensational Souls!

It’s Friday, you know what this means…it’s time for the Weekend Challenge! Each Friday in our amazing Facebook community, Manifest It!, I post the Weekend Challenge to help souls transform their mindset in order to take on and manifest their new dream reality! This weekend’s mindset journaling is around how to step into you next-version, totally badass, fearless, hero-self! Each of us have people or characters we totally love and wish we could be like in certain respects to life. So why not mesh this into who YOU are and transform yourself into being your next-level, totally badass, fearless, self!? You CAN do this! Journal out the following:

1) What do you want resolved in your life right now? Why do you want them resolved?

2) What is keeping you from resolving them right now? Are there other steps you can take? Why or why not?

3) Who is your favorite human icon or fictional character? Why do you admire them so much?

4) How would your favorite icon/character help to resolve #1? What would THEY do?

5) How would your favorite icon/character help to address #2? What would THEY do?

6) Finish this sentence 30 times: I want to be like (insert icon/character) because…

7) Finish this sentence 30 times: I CHOOSE to start being…(insert your icon/character’s admirable traits from #6)…because…

8) Now that you have chosen to start being (insert traits from #7), finish this sentence 30 times: I AM…because I AM…and I love and fully trust myself!

Now that you are starting to incorporate some of your favorite traits of your human icon/fictional character, how will you do the following as your next-level, totally badass, fearless, hero-self?

9) Go back to #1 and re-read it, how are you going to approach #1 in order to resolve them now?

10) What ARE you going to do NEXT now that you have an idea of how you are going to approach and resolve #1?

11) Write this sentence with complete and total belief 30 times: I know the universe is resolving…(insert things from #1) for my highest good and I fully trust that all IS well starting RIGHT NOW!

And then make sure you start ACTING like your next-version, totally badass, fearless, hero-self because you DO deserve to be free from worry, and the universe IS resolving your issues because you are setting the intention in motion starting NOW! Have faith in yourself, have faith in the universe, and trust the process because you ARE worthy to live a positive, self-empowering, abundant, happy life! You CAN do this! Practice makes progress and progress speeds up your manifestation because you are SHOWING the universe the results you really want for you and your life! You ARE your next-level, totally badass, fearless, hero-self! Embrace it!!!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn