Hi Sensational Souls!

I was talking to some lovely people these last two days and while I KNOW for a fact manifesting DOES work and you ARE manifesting (you really ARE), it can be a challenge to sometimes wrap your head around the concept of manifesting. Think of it like this:

You go online and you see an item you really want to buy and have shipped to you. The item gets added to the cart by you and then you check-out with your payment information and shipping address. You then submit the order. Afterward, you exit out of the browser and go on about your day knowing the item is on its way to you!

It’s VERY similar when it comes to manifesting:
– You have your life goal/wish (the item)
– You tell the Universe about your life goal/wish (adding it to the cart)
– You align your mindset and soul to a place of receiving (entering in the shipping address and payment information)
– You trust, believe, and raise your vibrations to being happy and taking inspired actions to show the Universe what you truly desire (clicking the “submit order” button)
– You KNOW it is manifesting and it’s on its way to you (exiting out of the web browser and going on about your day and life)!

Your “package” is literally manifesting and UPS, Universe Parcel Service, is shipping it straight to YOU! So relax, have fun, do things that leave you feeling elated and feeling good, and HAVE FAITH. BELIEVE. TRUST. KNOW. It IS manifesting and it IS FOR you! Keep going!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn