Hi Sensational Souls!
The Weekend Challenge is HERE! Tonight I am going to pose journaling prompts around manifesting love using the power of the phrase, “I AM.” The phrase, “I AM”, is simple and short, but extremely powerful in manifesting anything you want into your life!
Think about a relationship you’d really love to have with your soulmate, twin flame, however you describe the perfect relationship partner for yourself. Now that you have this relationship in mind, journal out the following:
1) I AM in a relationship with someone who is…(finish the sentence 11 times)
2) Whenever I think about my romantic partner, I AM…(finish the sentence 11 times)
3) I AM so thankful my partner and I…(finish the sentence 11 times)
4) My partner supports me in everything I want for my life goals and I do the same for my partner. I AM manifesting…(finish the sentence 11 times)
5) Now that I AM in my most perfect relationship, my next plan of action is…(finish the sentence 11 times)
6) My and my partner’s daily life activities include…(finish the sentence 11 times)
7) My and my partner’s weekend is filled with…(finish the sentence 11 times)
8) Whenever I think about my love, I AM thankful for…(finish the sentence 11 times)
9) Whenever my partner thinks about me, my partner loves…about me (finish the sentence 11 times).
10) Whenever I think about myself and what I bring to the relationship, I love that I AM…(finish the sentence 11 times)
11) I commit to journaling DAILY around my manifestations and taking DAILY soul-aligned actions because I trust and believe the Universe/God/the angels are helping me to manifest…(write this sentence 11 times, but each time insert a manifestation you want to bring into the physical form)!
Merry Christmas and have a WONDERFUL weekend!
And remember…
Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn