Hey Amazing Soul!

It’s the middle of 2019 and I am wondering how you’re doing with your goals for this year? I found my list I created in January and looked at it again. I accomplished 2 goals out of the 8 goals on it so far.

Sometimes you feel like your desires and goals are being stagnant, as if you feel like it will always be this way.

But, it doesn’t mean it will always be this way! It just means it’s time to switch up your routine. Change is a good thing, it allows for new opportunities, new doors to be opened, new energy to come into your life for your manifestations to arrive even faster.

Your desires ARE manifesting. No need to “wait” for them, move on to the next goal so you don’t obsess over it. Allow for ALL your blessings to come to you, however and whenever.

Think of it like your favorite pastry baking in the oven: you don’t want to pull it out of the oven and start eating it when its not fully ready yet.

Everything is taking place FOR you. How do you approach receiving your manifestations?


Welcome Change into Your Life

Do you ALLOW for your goals to funnel into your physical realm?

Change is necessary in order to receive all your blessings. I know change can be scary sometimes, but being outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. And if you’re unsure of which direction to take when it comes to allowing your desires to funnel into your physical realm, I have the answer:

Your soul is your compass.

Look at your list of goals you made early in 2019 (and if you haven’t made a list of goals, make one now, it’s not too late). Pick 1 desire and start planning your manifesting action for THIS month. Right now.

Clear out physical items around you that no longer serve your soul for its highest happiness about your goals. Make way for new blessings to come to you, however and whenever.

99% of the time it turns out better than you can imagine.

Chances are you are so hung-up on the details of how you want it to be that you aren’t allowing for even BETTER blessings to come to you WITH EASE.


You Have to Let Go of the “How” in Order to Allow for Your Soul’s Desires

It’s okay if you don’t believe in yourself right away. Just keep taking steps to SHOW the Universe what you are calling into your physical sphere.

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestations!

Listen to your soul and believe your desires ARE yours, it’s done! The Universe is taking care of the “how” and “when”. Your job is to believe it’s DONE and take manifesting action to show the Universe you mean business.

Remember your daily affirmations and mantras, feel free to use mine:

I always attract abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

PS- If you’re feeling unsure about your soul’s calling in your life, and how to funnel your desires into your physical realm, this means it’s time to get CLEAR on what you want!