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Hey Amazing Soul!

I have a question for you: when thinking about the souls you admire, how do you think their lives were before they became experts in their field?

I highly encourage you to reflect on this for a few minutes because truly we are all equal. There are progressive steps each soul takes in order to shift their mindset habits and level up INTO their version 2.0 selves.

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Reflect by either writing in your journal or typing it out onto your computer:

1) A soul I admire is:
2) I admire this soul because…(write out at least 3 reasons why)
3) I now choose to be my version 2.0 self in that…(write out at least 10 things you are now choosing to think, feel, believe, and do as your version 2.0 self)
4) For my soul’s purpose-work, I now choose to be available for… (write out at least 10 things, anything, you are now choosing to be available for in life as BEING your version 2.0 self)

Paying It Forward

Remember, karma is what goes around comes around. Stay true to what your SOUL is calling you to do in order to give back to the Universe. Output = Input. Give back in any and every way you can that is through a healthy response. In other words, don’t donate money just because you EXPECT to receive an influx of it in return. Donate because you truly CARE about the love and progress for others on our planet.

The Universe operates in its boomerang effect and it DOES give back to you what you put out into it. Be open and available to ALL blessings to come into your life. Most of the time your blessings come to you in a much more AMAZING way than you ever thought or imagined it to be.

Stay open and get rid of your urges to control your surroundings and your outcome. Keep your energy channels open for the flow of blessings by focusing on gratitude and positive energy. And, pay it forward FROM you soul’s core, your purpose-work in life.

The rest will easily flow to you, FOR you, and BAM! Your manifestations emerge so quickly! Output = input. Karma. Be the light to attract TO you. You’ve got this!

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4) There is a Q&A Google doc for those of you who want to post your questions anonymously that I will answer within…

5) Each topic/unit. We have a topic discussion thread so you can post your questions in there as well. I will post the answers from both the Google Doc sheet & from your questions within the discussion thread INSIDE the topic’s discussion thread.

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XOXO Jaclyn

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