Hi Sensational Souls!

Every Friday in our Facebook community, Manifest It! , I give our members journaling prompts to help us move closer towards our new reality! Here is a sneak peek of what each weekend looks like in the group:

Who is ready for the weekend journaling prompts!? As you journal write from a place of true honesty, don’t be shy:

1) Journal out your desire in a lot of details: colors, textures, sounds, people around you, your hairstyle, your clothes, what you are doing in your desire, who are you with in the moment and in your life. Get VERY specific, don’t be afraid to really write out the details as IS in the PRESENT moment.

2) Now that you have your desire, how are you feeling? What do you intend to do with your desire being met? How are you going to serve the Universe, serve others, and give back? Everything comes full circle in life, so how are you going to serve and give back?

Let’s get deeper…

3) Describe 3 major disappointments in your life, and then describe (for each disappointment) something positive that came from it which made you stronger as a human being (whether in that moment you realized it or since time has passed and you now realize it).

4) Now that you have realized some things that have made you stronger and helped you to evolve as a person, what is currently blocking you from allowing yourself to be open to receive your desires right now? Why?

5) What is something positive that can come from allowing yourself to be open to receive your desires? Answer 5-10 times. It can be ANYTHING positive that you can think of, dig deep! What are some positive things you can experience, feel, and receive by being OPEN to allowing the Universe to bless you with such SO MANY amazing gifts in life?

Set your intention…

6) Finish this sentence 10-15 times: I KNOW that whatever I choose to focus on…

7) Finish this sentence 10-15 times: I REALIZE I can CHOOSE to change my limiting thinking and limiting beliefs by…

8) Finish this sentence 10-15 times: Now that I FULLY KNOW I am in control of my thoughts and I set my intentions, I plan to…

9) Now that you have your plans written down, what would happen if you DON’T follow through with them? How does it makes you feel?

10) Now that you have your plans written down, and you know what can happen if you DON’T follow through with them and how you would feel, what COULD happen and how CAN you feel if you DO start to follow them through and take soul-inspired actions towards your desires!? Answer this 15-20 times.

Start acting…

11) How does a person who is living your desire feel and ACT? What do they do? How do they think? What do they believe? How do they handle hiccups in life?

12) Think of yourself in your new reality’s shoes! Finish the sentence 30 times: Now that I AM thinking and acting from my new reality, I AM…

13) Now re-read everything you wrote, pick something that inspires you, and GO DO IT THIS weekend! As soon you finish it, mark it off in your journal and do something to celebrate yourself!

Celebrating progress, any and every, with your steps (big and small) is something that should always be done while manifesting! SHOW the Universe what you truly desire, it IS working behind the scenes, so start moving! The Universe DOES have your back, it IS helping you along the way!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

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