Hey Sensational Souls!

It’s Friday! This week in our amazing Facebook community, Manifest It!, we are focusing on the “stories” we tell ourselves each day. For example, you may not realize the reason why your ideal love relationship or dream career hasn’t shown up into your physical realm quite yet IS because of the stories you tell yourself.

1) Why do you think you feel stuck with regards to what you are manifesting?

2) Why do you feel the need to hold on to these thoughts and feelings?

3) What purpose are they serving for you/what needs are they fulfilling for you by holding on to these thoughts and feelings?

We all create habits, BUT the most amazing thing about how our minds work is the fact that through soul-exploration and repetition, you CAN shift your mindset into a place that you truly want to be. You CAN create fresh, positive, powerful manifesting habits that actually work! And I KNOW you can do this! I am so stubborn and I was able to do this, so I totally believe in you!

We explore even MORE of these empowering Mastering Your Mindset prompts every Friday in our group. So come join us and start learning how to unblock yourself from receiving your manifestations!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn