Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Sunday! This morning I was doing my mindset journaling and I thought about a few things: what do we allow to think and accept as we go about our day, each and every day? Are we being mindful of what we are thinking? Are we paying attention to what we allow in our thought process? What do we accept?

We have thousands of thoughts each and every single day! What we give importance to with regards to our thoughts is what we tend to deem as “true”. I put that in quotes because what we tell ourselves as being “true” is what we ultimately believe to be AS true. So remember, as you go about your day, every single day, pay attention to how you are thinking and how you are treating YOURSELF in your mind. Are you following your soul’s calling when it comes to the decisions you are making? Or, are you thinking and/or reacting from a limiting place?

What is your next-level self wanting to be? Are you THINKING from this place? Are you ACTING from this place? Consistency pays off, repetition helps to shift your mindset and your actions! Next time you find yourself wondering what you “should do”, ask yourself: how would your next-level self react? What would your next-level self do? Journal this out while doing your mindset work each and every single day! Check in with yourself, write out and visualize your next-level self’s behaviors, thoughts, actions, and even reactions.

KEEP GOING! Keep moving towards your desires, keep showing up every single day, keep showing the Universe what you truly want. Keep being gentle and loving towards yourself, you ARE SO worthy of having your dreams manifest into the physical realm! They are ALREADY boxed up and being shipped TO YOU, FOR YOU, and coming into the physical realm. Trust your soul’s calling, trust the Universe, trust that it IS and relax. Do things that leave you feeling elated and feeling GOOD. Relax. Trust. Think and act from your next-level self every single day! How would your next-level self think and behave? Practice makes progress and progress brings the manifestation! You’ve got this!