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Hey Amazing Soul!

I have a few questions for you:

What do you believe when it comes to you and your life? Are you giving yourself permission when it comes to living your life the way YOU and your SOUL truly desire? Are you giving yourself permission to BE happy? Or, are you living your life based upon what you SHOULD be doing?

One of the powerful ways to receiving your life’s goals and desires is to give yourself permission. You ARE allowed to give yourself permission to live exactly how you WANT to live your life. You ARE worthy and you ARE allowed to follow your soul’s calling. And most of all, you ARE allowed to live your life in happiness- however and whatever that means to you.

Write out and finish this sentence 20 times and see what comes up for you:

Each time I give myself permission to…I am feeling…


What has come up for you? What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have you now realized and discovered about yourself and your soul’s purpose in life?

Now, take inspired actions moving TOWARDS your new reality by showing the Universe what you truly desire. It’s completely safe and okay and you ARE allowed to do so. Steps are manifesting steps as long as you move forward, doesn’t matter how big your steps are each day.

Be consistent, set your intentions DAILY, take inspired actions when making decisions, DAILY. Consistency pays off, the Universe IS working FOR you! Trust me! Trust the process, you CAN do this!

PS- In my latest podcast I explain the girl who I used to be 2 years ago versus the woman I am now because I let go of the SHOULDS in life. I let go of the perceptions of what OTHERS think in how I SHOULD live my life.

And you can start living the way you WANT to live your life, too. Every day adds up to BIG results for you so long as you CHOOSE to believe you are allowed to live your life the way you so choose to live it. And so long as you CHOOSE to give yourself permission to do so.

Throw away what others think. This is YOUR life right now. Tomorrow is not promised, we only have today. You can do this, I totally believe in you!

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XOXO Jaclyn