What if...a woman looking into the sky manifesting.

What If…How to Flip The Script and Change Your Life

No more whispering; your subconscious is at stake.

I stress the importance of performing ManiFAST journaling daily because you are imprinting into your subconscious by consciously training your mindset faster. It’s how I could shift my beliefs and call in 99% of my desires into my physical realm in less than a year.

The subconscious mind controls 95 percent of how our circumstances manifest, and our beliefs shape our lives. The power of the subconscious is about a million times greater than our conscious mind. – Dr. Bruce Lipton, biologist

Think About It This Way

You fell many times when you were a baby and learning to walk. Did you stop walking? No. You got back up, and you kept trying. You kept trying because you wanted to learn how to walk. You kept going with your desired result as your focus.

And guess what, you did learn how to walk!

Think about something you want to manifest and who you want to be in your new role. Do you want to manifest more success in your business as the CEO? Become an officially published and #1 best-selling authorPay off your debt and become a homeowner? Meet the love of your life and become a wife?

Whatever you desire to experience, performing ManiFAST journaling every day (even if for 5 minutes), train your beliefs to be how you wish them to be. You’re training how you want to think, feel, emote, vibrate into the Universe, and how to make a decision to take action. What if you do manifest exactly what you want, or something much better!?

So, Why Not Use It to Your Advantage?

You already train your mindset daily whether or not you perform mindset journaling. But, most of the time, when you write something down or type it out, you’re believe it already to be true. So, why not train your mindset to live by your soul’s calling in life?

Write/type and finish this sentence stem at least ten times (it can be about anything and everything in your business and in your life, and state your reason why you’re claiming it):

I am claiming both to myself and the Universe…because…

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No More Whispering

Why are you allowing yourself to play small? Why are you allowing your fears and doubts to remain at the forefront? Why are you communicating to the Universe that settling in your life is how you want your life to be? What if you gave yourself a chance?

  • No more whispering, “I want to…” or, “I will…”
  • No more with one foot in and one foot out with your manifestations.
  • No more allowing your doubts and fears to play big while your soul’s passions and desires play small.
  • You are no more wavering between determination and scarcity within your mind.
  • No more, “If this happens, then I’ll…”

We’re Not Promised Tomorrow, But We Do Have Today

It’s time to bring out the bullhorn and claim to yourself and the Universe what you’re calling into your physical realm. It’s time to claim what your soul’s passions are in life and take manifesting actions towards your new reality to show the Universe you mean business.

It’s time to be bold; no more whispering!

It’s time to show up daily, write/type and visualize with absolute conviction, and start moving towards your new reality. It’s time to confidently communicate what you want in life to yourself and the Universe because you deserve it. What if…

The Universe IS Helping You

The Universe is either helping you continue to whisper and play small in life.


It is helping you pull out your manifesting bullhorn and call in your new life. The “what if” of this is that you get to choose. You’ve got this!

XOXO Jaclyn

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