What if you were to tell your fears to go take a hike? What if you were to 100% completely let out the total badass in you? What if you were to take each day one at a time and totally LOVE yourself? How would this feel? What would you think? How would you act?

Take 10 minutes and do your Mastering Your Mindset to journal this out. It’s time to OWN yourself exactly who you want to be, exactly who you are meant to be, and exactly who you ARE. And then? Then start thinking from this place, start feeling from this place, and start acting from this place!

Practice makes for progression and progression makes for the manifestation! Love yourself, love the YOU that IS your soul’s calling. Love the YOU that is your soul’s path. And GO take inspired actions- daily- to propel you forward towards your new reality. The Universe IS listening, the Universe IS responding (behind the scenes- trust me!), the Universe IS delivering- and it CAN happen real fast!

You’ve got this.

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn