Hi Sensational Souls!

It’s FRIDAY!!! I’ve had quite a bit of questions this week around the concept of love and relationships. So, this weekend’s journaling prompts are about L.O.V.E…LOVE!

Loving relationships come into the picture when you love YOURSELF first and foremost through self-care and self-respect. It is NOT about what the other person does through their actions, it is all about YOU. Love and loving relationships have a main focus of existing within yourself. When Abraham Hicks says things like your partner is free from making you happy, this IS true. It’s not about what your partner does or doesn’t do, it’s about the love you have inside of YOU for yourself and the love you have with the higher being (Universe, God, etc.). Codependency is NOT true love, codependency is a form of lack. Codependency does not have a true base of loving yourself and respecting yourself first and foremost. Codependency searches for acceptance from the outside. Real love is within yourself, within YOU. Loving relationships (the true and happy ones) stem from the understanding that YOU are responsible for your own happiness, only. No one else is responsible for you and your happiness.

As you do your mindset journaling don’t focus on the physical traits of your lover. Rather, focus on their mental, emotional, and lifestyle traits because this helps to conjure up your feelings of joy and feelings of already being in your ideal relationship AS IS in the present. How does your lover mesh really well with you? How does your relationship help each other in support and encouragement? How do you balance each other out in your differences?

Journal out the following:

1) When I think of my ideal partner, I am thankful he/she is…(answer with at least 10 adjectives)

2) When I think of my ideal relationship, I am thankful for it being…(answer at least 10 times)

3) I am thankful I bring to my ideal relationship…(answer at least 10 times)

4) My partner is the opposite of me in this area…and we balance each other out. I am so thankful! (fill in with at least 5 different things that he/she is different from you. Ex: is your partner a “spender” and you are a “saver”?)

5) On the weekends my ideal partner and I…(answer at least 10 times with specific details)

6) My ideal partner and I are…(free-flow and write whatever comes to mind for the next 5-10 minutes!)

7) Write out with complete conviction at least 15 times: I AM open and ready to receive my ideal relationship! Thank you, Universe!

Happy journaling! Have a wonderful weekend and remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

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