Quick note:

In each one of us we have our ups and downs. We are human. No one can be 100% positive and happy 100% of the time. Be kind to yourself, be loving towards yourself, and always know that everything is temporary. If you stay within your comfort zone, you will REMAIN in your comfort zone and up-leveling to your next version self will NOT happen. Don’t allow your limiting thoughts and fears keep you at the SAME level for the rest of your time on this earth. We are NOT meant to be stagnant throughout our lives. We are meant to evolve, grow, expand, and live in happiness because we follow our soul’s path (our soul’s calling).

Focus on what you WANT to focus and what you WANT to expand within your realm. Acknowledge your limiting/negative thoughts and let them pass you by just like a car passes you by on the street. You don’t run out into the street and stand in front of the car, so why would you want your limiting thoughts to stay around? Let them pass through you, let them go. RELEASE.

Some things I do whenever I have a hard day (like today) is when I do my mindset journaling I write out all of my thoughts as a purging process. THEN, I write the opposite of it in another paragraph, but with a positive twist. Afterward, I state reasons WHY the opposite with a positive twist is in fact more powerful than my limiting/negative thoughts. Here is an example (when thinking about doing something I’ve never done before):

Everything is so hard for me (limiting thought). Everything is so easy for me and I’m so blessed (stating the opposite with a positive twist). The reason why everything is so easy for me and I’m so blessed is because I have a great home, I have wonderfully loving pets, a great family and awesome friends, I have manifested so much in such a short amount of time, I have my health, and each day I enjoy a yummy caramel macchiato when I wake up in the mornings.

Just typing this out lifts my mood! So the next time you are feeling uneasy about expanding outside of your comfort zone, stop and examine how your mindset is actually processing. And take those limiting thoughts and turn them around by stating the OPPOSITE of them with a positive twist! Then, state your case like a lawyer and explain WHY your opposite with a positive twist is in fact very TRUE. Feel those feelings of relief after doing your mindset journaling. Keep going! You CAN do this! Tomorrow is a NEW day!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn