Hi Sensational Souls!

It’s Friday! Every week in our amazing Facebook community Manifest It! I give FREE journaling prompts in order to help explore our mindset, our belief systems, and empowering ourselves to aligning with what we are manifesting into our lives! Here is a sneak peak of what our mindset journaling is for this weekend:

What do I want?

1) Journal out what you are currently manifesting into the physical realm. Journal out WHY you want it.

2) How do you feel right now knowing it’s not completely manifested into the physical realm just yet? Why do you feel this way?

3) What stems from you having these feelings? What happened in your life that creates these ongoing feelings and beliefs?

4) Do you feel you deserve to have your manifestation? Why or why not? Do you feel others are allowed to manifest it?

5) Do you categorize your feelings as healthy or excessive? Why?

6) In the present day, are your feelings generated from within you, or do they come from an external source or person (do a support system check! Are you surrounding yourself with supportive people?)?

7) What could happen if you choose to release your limiting thoughts and feelings (anything and everything)? What could happen if you choose to continue to hold on to them (anything and everything)?

State your case, relish in it being here!

8) List/journal out ALL of the reasons why you DO deserve to receive your manifestation! What can you do in order to help you feel more comfortable in receiving it?

There IS more, of course, so join Manifest It! to get the full mindset exercise!

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Have a WONDERFUL weekend! And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn