And Why I REFUSE to Give In

I was super excited, I was asked to be featured in a story that gets syndicated to a huge publication. I felt like, “YES! This is another successful step for me as an author and in my business!” I was crying happy tears, thanking the Universe in gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to share my gifts in helping others.


Family. We all got ’em. And they aren’t always the most positive people, especially if they do not understand how the compound effect works with achieving goals in life. While throughout the 1950’s-1980’s most people had one job/career, most people in the present day have multiple lines of work for their career.

And really, this is totally okay.

I can count around 50 (or even more) people I know both online and offline who have multiple lines of work. This is “the new normal” in our society. And it’s TOTALLY okay. This does not mean your soul’s purpose-work can’t be done because you aren’t bringing in millions of dollars doing ONLY this one job each day. This does not mean you are NOT successful because you aren’t solely clocking in and out a few times per day being in a building outside of your home.


Your soul’s purpose-work IS your soul’s purpose. You do it because you want to do it, it gives you PURPOSE in your life. You wake up every day looking forward to helping others in the world, however that may be through your purpose-work. Living your life with a positive mindset and doing your soul’s purpose-work IS successful because you are doing what makes you happy.

Your multiple lines of work equal SUCCESS in today’s career world, if YOU so choose to look at it this way. Because really what is “success”, anyway? It can mean happiness in your life, and it can mean being a CEO of a multi-million dollar organization. Hell, it could mean having a “side hustle” that gets praise from various OTHER lines of work from time-to-time.

Success is not tied to one stream of work, like it used to be viewed in the 1900’s.

It’s no offense to the 1900’s because we have come a long way to make things more equal in the career realm, and we have many souls throughout history to thank for this.

Multiple lines of work can add up to BIG results through the compound effect. Most multi-millionaires today have multiple lines of work going at the same time.

But, again…what is “success”, anyway?

Success is WHATEVER you choose it to be, period.

Success is whatever you choose it to be, despite how others view it. This is the reason why so many souls do NOT go after their dreams in life. This is the reason why so many souls FEEL STUCK. It’s all because of other viewpoints that other people have about what “success” means. There are always going to be people, including family, who are going to give you the, “butttt….” and fill it with limiting reasons or their own ideas of what something “is” in our world.

Don’t be like those people. Don’t even listen to those people.

Whether or not my featured story ends up on even BIGGER media platforms does not dictate my success. I believe in the compound effect, I believe in it because it fucking works.

And I believe in YOU, period.

So go out there, kick some ass doing your soul’s purpose-work, and never let others try to make you feel like anything less than a successful person living your soul’s successful life. Because you are a rockstar and you deserve nothing but the best.