Even though last year around this time I threw my hands up into the air and said, “Whatever happens, happens!”…I have to say I am SO GLAD I took that leap of faith. 2016 was a year of hardship changes, releasing everything that no longer serves us for our highest good and highest happiness. 2017 was the gathering of “materials”, taking the puzzle pieces and sorting them out in front of us to examine. 2018 is the year for LOVE and PROSPERITY, it’s the year your manifestations ARE coming together for your soul’s highest happiness.

I spent 2016 in a lot of confusion. I threw my hands up into the air at the beginning of 2017 and SURRENDERED to the Universe. I let it all go. I stopped trying to control my surroundings. I stopped trying to control my outcome. I just GAVE IN and literally said, “F*ck it!” I was so drained from 2016, I couldn’t really “see” anything through the hazy clouds that surrounded me at the beginning of 2017. I was starting to feel hopeless again, I felt myself starting to slip back into that depression I once had. I was SCARED because I didn’t want to do so.

A new year is a great time to refocus, rebalance, and focus on one’s central core (our soul) again. I threw my hands up into the air last year at this time and RELEASED all of my worries, all of my doubts, all of my fears, and anything else that was starting to paralyze me because I was so desperate to feel anything but what I was feeling in 2016.

And I’m SO GLAD I did it! 2017 was a super cleansing process and I felt I was being cleansed by the cleanest and most purest energy given to me FROM the Universe and the angels. I TRUSTED and LET GO of my need to control the outcome. I started journaling everything I desired into my life. I journaled DAILY. I focused on really FEELING into my writing as I journaled each day. I wrote with true conviction. And then? And then I spent the remaining parts of my day, each day, being thankful for everything I had in the moment and learning to relax, learning to just ALLOW whatever to happen, happen.

2017 was a HUGE leap of faith for me: a huge leap of faith in myself, a huge leap of faith in the Universe, a huge leap of faith each and every day. I took it one day at a time. I did my mindset journaling every single day of the week, no matter what happened that day. I practiced learning to let go, surrender, release, and TRUST. And guess what…a lot of what I wrote down came true DURING 2017! I am SO THANKFUL!

Don’t focus on the “how”, focus on the BIG VISION. Focus on what moves your soul to its very core in joyful, elating feelings and thoughts. Focus on taking it one day at a time. The Universe IS working behind the scenes to rearrange things in your path to HELP YOU speed up your manifestations! Relax, surrender, trust, have faith, be thankful, do things that feel GOOD to you, and think about anything and everything that has you feeling joyful. Watch how fast the magic happens when you let go and TRUST knowing that the outcome IS working itself out for your soul’s highest happiness. And take actions that INSPIRE you and help you move towards your big vision, new reality. Don’t settle, don’t compromise if it doesn’t feel right. Listen to your gut, listen to your intuition, listen to your soul. Your soul KNOWS.

Do your mindset journaling every single day! Receive all of the techniques and methods I used in 2017 that literally changed my life for the BETTER! I was so blown away I had to share it with as many people as possible on this planet! It’s magical and phenomenal: I had a major positive shift in my job with the physicists, I started my own business, I published a book, I got a brand new car gifted to me, I got a brand new washer/dryer set gifted to me, I manifested $4,000.00 extra dollars, and I met a soul-based, soul-aligned person who is very similar to me on this planet.

What are YOU waiting for!???? Start your new reality, your TRUE life right now!!! You CAN do it!!! I believe in you!!!!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn