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Why Mental Health & Wellness Are Important In Life

In my latest interview with Authority Magazine, I’m answering their questions about how and why our mental health and wellness is the most important aspect of living a happy and successful life. Here is a snippet below of what we discuss and I hope it helps you along your journey to fulfillment with anything and everything you do in your life.

Can you tell us a bit about how you grew up?

I grew up taught to look at multiple angles of a situation and be open to several possibilities of an outcome. My family heavily consists of logical careers such as engineering and finance. But I had a sweet mix of sensitivity taught to me as well. My parents were great at viewing life and everything in the Universe with a “middle-of-the-road” approach so we don’t create mental blind spots. Nonetheless, logic dictates when making significant life decisions.

You are currently leading an initiative that is helping to promote mental wellness. Can you tell us a bit more specifically about what you are trying to address?

Thankfully, mental health is slowly losing its negative reputation. My approach is that we’re human beings, and the Universe consists of one constant: change. The identical elemental particles that make up the Universe include our genetic makeup. These particles never tire from bouncing around and colliding with one another. Our thoughts and feelings (energy) are not organically “trained” or “molded” into a specific shape or form. Fear drives controlling behavior, which is a dangerous approach if you want to be at peace with yourself. It’s normal to mentally and emotionally swing like a pendulum. It’s not wrong despite what some people led by fear want to assume. I’ve lived with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks my entire life, and I’m a master at using the Law of Attraction. There isn’t one specific way to be happy and achieve your hopes and dreams.

Are you ready to manifest success, health, and wellness into your life?

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