Hey Amazing Souls!

So here I was today sitting in traffic on the way home and I began thinking, how can I convey to my clients and audience that what you TRULY want doesn’t come from a place of “need”? And I came up with this:

Think of something you REALLY want to accomplish in life. Is it more money? Is it losing weight? Is it finding a loving and encouraging relationship with someone else? Is it a new career? Is it writing a book?

Whatever it is, think about it for a second and then ask yourself:

When I think about this want, do I think about it from a place of a positive mindset? Or, do I focus on it and go to a place of negativity around it?

Have you ever stopped and actually associate HOW you FEEL when you think about what it is you TRULY want?

For Example…

Let’s say you want more money. Are you thinking, “I need more money so I can pay for…”, or “I wish I had the money for this…”, or “Must be nice they can afford that…”?

When you create these types of thoughts you are actually sending off negative feelings throughout your soul and body, thus the Universe. Look at the words again, do you see anything positive about those phrases? NO! So why would more money come flowing into your life if you are telling the Universe you don’t deserve to have it!?

Another Example…

Let’s say you want a more loving, encouraging, and supportive relationship with someone. Are you thinking, “I don’t deserve (insert the person you love)…”, or “I’m afraid to try with (insert the person you love) because it may not last and I’ll feel really horrible…”, or, “I’m not good enough to be with (insert the person you love)…”.

Examine these phrases, do you see a lot of positive words in the above phrases? NO! So why would a loving, encouraging, and supportive relationship come flowing into your life if you are telling the Universe you don’t deserve to have (insert the person you love)!?

Full Circle

Let’s circle back to the one thing you TRULY want to achieve in your life. If you were to have it ALREADY in your life, and I mean in the present day, it’s already happening and it’s completely YOURS, how would you feel RIGHT NOW? Think of 5 emotions you would feel ALREADY having what you truly want as if it’s done, it’s yours, it exists right now.

My example: being a published author

1) Successful and proud of myself.
2) Excited and exhilarated for helping others with my book.
3) Validated in the book world.
4) Abundant in life for my accomplishment.
5) Ready to carpe diem EVERY day.

Now that you have established these 5 emotions with regards to ALREADY having your life goal, what comes to mind? Do you feel more positive? Do you feel a little more inspired and motivated?

The Why…

Here is the WHY for needing to FEEL these 5 emotions: you need to start ACTING from this place of a positive mindset, abundance, prosperity, love, and happiness! FEEL as if your life goal has already happened and start ACTING from this place because this IS who you ARE! This IS your soul’s calling!

Think about these 5 emotions again and this time around really FEEL into these emotions surrounding your life goal. I mean really VISUALIZE yourself living your life goal and FEEL the 5 emotions you established surrounding your life goal. Do you feel that difference?

If not, then you’re not taking the time to really do this! I’m telling you, it works!

Take the time in the morning when doing your mindset work and do this kind of activity. Write out or type out your life goal as if it’s DONE and do this for at least 5 minutes each day. Or, close your eyes and visualize yourself living your life goal as if it’s already YOURS because the universe responds to vibrations and feelings.

Think about it in terms of physics: everything is matter, everything IS made up of particles that vibrate in the Universe. Your brain is matter, your brain IS made up of particles and guess what, your brain has sensory reactions to your thoughts. I could go on and on about how fascinated I am with the brain, it’s such a magical organ!

You are literally emitting vibrations into the Universe with your thoughts and feelings. You are communicating with your mind, your soul, and with the Universe every single second of the day. Even at night while you are sleeping you are communicating by emitting vibrations into the Universe.


Do you want to keep telling yourself you “don’t deserve” that pay raise? Or, that (insert loved one’s name) “would never be happy being with me”? Or, there are so many “others who qualify” for your dream job? Each time you talk to yourself this way, you are literally telling the Universe through vibrations and feelings that this is more of what you want in your life.

Instead, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, and really FEEL and VISUALIZE yourself already having your life goal as IS. If you do this as a daily practice, you’ll be training your mind and subconsciously telling yourself, thus the Universe, that your life goal is not so inconceivable to bring forth into your own reality.

Use self-loving affirmations daily, listen to positive music, or a motivational speaker who inspires you. Do all of this stuff in the morning to set the INTENTION for your day- and do it DAILY! You CAN do it and you CAN have what you want! You just have to FEEL your way into it. And while you are going about your day, don’t worry about thinking that it’s not manifested just yet.

I say this because you’re actually setting off a subconscious vibration and feeling of LACK when you do so. Just relax, don’t worry about it, and chill out after you do your morning mindset each day in setting your intentions. Let it go and release it into the Universe, and mentally RELAX. Everything is going to be okay.

Start Being Happy Now

You will NOT be “happy” IF you get your dream goal. You have to start BEING happy NOW. You have to start now so that the Universe can match your vibration and feelings. Like attracts like, the Universe is TOTALLY working FOR you, so train yourself to start emitting more positive thoughts and feelings into the world. Practice! Humans are attracted to confident souls, train your confidence within yourself- I know you can do it!