Hey Sensational Souls!

It’s the weekend! You know what this means: the Weekend Challenge! Every Friday I post journaling prompts into our Facebook community, Manifest It!, in order to help us all explore and grow closer to our souls in order to focus and get CLEAR on our soul’s path. When we are CLEAR about what moves us in life in a passionate way, magic starts to happen!

Why YOU are the one who holds the power.

Our soul is INside of our shells. Each time we rely on the OUTward in order to “be happy”, we are not living by our soul’s purpose. Our soul’s purpose IS what brings more and more BLESSINGS into our lives. One of the ways to live by our soul’s purpose is to be thankful and really FEEL thankful for everything we have in our lives. This is where you and your power come in:

1) What has happened this week that you feel glad/thankful about? It can be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Why are you thankful?

2) Think about who you surround yourself with: who are you thankful for that you spend a lot of your time and energy with? Why are you thankful for them?

3) When you think about what you are currently manifesting into your physical realm, what are some feelings that come up for you? Why do you have these feelings?

4) Your life goal IS DONE! It’s done, it’s here, it IS, you have it, you ARE it, it’s DONE! How are you feeling when you close your eyes and visualize yourself already living in this? Journal out your feelings now that you are currently living in your life goal. What are the sounds? What are the colors? What is in your surroundings? Who are you with? What are you doing? What kind of clothes are you wearing? What are you thankful for in your new reality? Why are you thankful for it?

5) How can you and how do you serve the Universe now that you have your manifestation? What are you doing to pay it forward and continue living on your soul’s path?

6) What are you doing next? What are your next moves now that you have your manifestation? Why are you focusing on these next moves and feelings? Why do you want your next moves and manifestations?

7) Finish the sentence 20 times: I’m so thankful because I am now…(finish it however you want).

8) Finish the sentence 10 times: now that I am feeling thankful and in my soul’s alignment, I commit to showing the Universe by… How are you going to SHOW the Universe in gratitude for everything you have, for everything you ARE, and for everything you are manifesting? What is your soul desiring and HOW are you taking aligned actions to show the Universe that you ARE on board with bringing it into the physical realm?

9) Journal out at least 15 times and really journal it with true conviction: (insert desire) IS on its way to me and I am excited and am ready to receive!

10) Free-flow write for another 5-10 minutes about your plan of taking/continuing your inspired actions towards your new reality. COMMIT to following your soul’s nudges because your soul DOES know the way- and the Universe IS working to rearrange things on your soul’s path to speed up your manifestations!

Commit to being kind, being loving, and having faith in YOURSELF because you DO hold the power, YOU hold the keys, and you ARE your soul. Your soul has a give-give relationship with the Universe/God. The Universe/God wants you to live out your life goals for your highest good and in your most happiest. Your soul knows the way, you ARE your soul and you know the way. Have faith in yourself and in your decisions. You CAN do this!

Be thankful for everything that you are and for everything that is in your life in the physical realm. And most of all, be thankful for your manifestations because they ARE in your new reality and you ARE on your way to manifesting them into your physical realm. It all starts with your mind and feelings you emit into the Universe, followed by taking soul-aligned, soul-based actions towards your soul’s calling. Don’t make a decision and act on it because you think you “should”, it needs to be a HELL YES when you act from your soul’s desires!

You’ve got this!!! Keep going! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn