Journal Girl Jaclyn

Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a GREAT weekend! Today I was thinking about how a lot of people feel “stuck” in their lives when it comes to receiving blessings and achieving life goals. Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it like this, “Look at every obstacle as an opportunity.”

SO many of us focus on the obstacles, the negativity, the downfalls, etc. The truth is, there IS an opportunity in every obstacle in life. Whenever you are going through something that is not happening as quickly as you’d like, ask yourself, “What is the universe trying to tell/teach me?” You may not realize it right away, but EVERYTHING happens for a reason! Yes, there are some things that happen in our lives that are truly very painful, I’m not referring to these kinds of events. What I’m referring to is the journey of your manifestation. For example, if you want a dream job; but, it’s not happening after so many interviews you go to and participate in (the obstacle). Instead of focusing on thoughts such as, “Will they like me? Am I good enough?”, start focusing on, “Do I like this company? Do I like these people I would be working around 8 hours per day?” Interview THEM! This is the taking opportunity! You ARE good enough, but will they fit what you REALLY want? What if not getting the job is a blessing in disguise? Just because the company is “glamorous” or the job pays a lot of money doesn’t mean it holds up to its hype. The universe wants you to have your dream job, so relax and have faith! Trust the process!

There is an opportunity in every obstacle. We may not realize it right away, but there is an opportunity. When something isn’t coming as quickly as you’d like, stop and examine the situation. The universe is most likely trying to make sure you actually want what you want! Also, it has to rearrange things in order to bring the manifestation to life. But, don’t blindly go down your path. Pay attention to what is happening and think about how you can turn events into opportunities. What is the universe trying to teach you?

Have faith, relax, and trust the process!

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Have a great night and talk to you all soon!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn