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Miranda Bailey of Cold Iron Pictures & The Cherry Picks

The Woman Within: The Diary of a Multi-Passionate Renaissance Woman

It really took “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” for me to remember and realize that I don’t need a man, that I can make my own decisions, and that they can be good decisions. – Miranda Bailey

How does an Oscar-nominated and Spirit-Award-winning producer, director, music composer, actress, innovative CEO, inspirational mom, wife, and Aquarian Goddess transform the expectations of a woman in a man’s world? The one and only, Miranda Bailey, is getting candid about her career in the Hollywood industry, parenting, relationships, and most importantly, about the relationship with herself.

We examine empowering music, astrology signs, and the “Me Too” movement’s effects on women. In addition, Miranda tells us how her company, The Cherry Picks, promotes female and non-binary critical voices in Hollywood. She dissects expectations put upon men and women in society and how we can collectively transform these limiting expectations.

Miranda teaches us to listen to our intuition and overcome doubt to create and expand anything we desire to experience. In addition, she describes how she deals with feelings of overwhelm and how she surrenders to the process of creation while seizing each day. Her knowledge and wisdom are crucial for us as women because if we don’t do it, someone else will. It’s not about doing it perfectly; it’s about doing it and doing it now.

We had just moved to different states, and our wifi was questionable at the time of this recording. But it turned out great, and I’m so grateful to Ms. Bailey for her time and expertise. Get ready to laugh your head off and be empowered to bring your ideas into earthly existence. Your time is now, so press play and listen to this fantastic leader’s secrets to success and happiness. 

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