No More Whispering! Your Subconscious Is At Stake

This is WHY I stress the importance of doing mindset journaling and mindset work on a DAILY basis because you are imprinting into your subconscious by consciously training your mindset:

The subconscious mind controls 95 percent of how our circumstances manifest and our beliefs shape our lives.

The power of the subconscious is about a million times greater than our conscious mind.

▪ Bruce Lipton, PhD


Think About It This Way

When you were a baby and you were learning how to walk, you fell down so many times. Did you stop walking? No. You got back up and you kept trying. You kept trying because you really wanted to learn how to walk. You kept going! And guess what, you DID learn how to walk.

When you do your mindset journaling every single day, you are training your mindset beliefs, you are training how you want to think, feel, emote, vibrate into the Universe, and how to take actions. You are literally training yourself every single day, so why not train your mindset to live by what your soul truly wants in life?

Why are you playing small? Why are you allowing your fears and doubts to continue to be in the forefront? Why are you communicating to the Universe that you are UNSURE of your soul’s calling?


No More Whispering!

No more whispering, “I want to…”.

No more one foot in and one foot out.

No more allowing your doubts and fears to play BIG while your soul’s passion and your desires play SMALL.

No more wavering.

No more “if this happens, then…”.

It’s time to bring the bullhorn out and CLAIM to yourself, CLAIM to the Universe what you TRULY DESIRE, what IS your soul’s passion in life, and TAKE inspired actions TOWARDS your new reality.


It’s time to BE BOLD!

It’s time to show up every single day, write and visualize with REAL conviction, and start MOVING TOWARDS your new reality by living your life by your soul’s calling. Communicate with true conviction to yourself and to the Universe what you REALLY want in life because you SO deserve it!

The Universe IS helping you: either it is helping you to continue to whisper and play small in life; or, it IS helping you to pull out your bullhorn and follow your SOUL’s passion in life! You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn