Hey Beautiful Soul,

A few weeks ago I had stated I hadn’t heard back from a publishing company who was interested in 2 books I’m currently writing. After a couple of weeks of waiting to hear back from them, I was feeling discouraged, a little unworthy, and definitely bummed. Then I just gave up on the whole thing altogether.

Literally 2 days after completely surrendering to the situation and making mindful peace around it I hear back from them and they are interested in 1 of my books!

The Law of Attraction is always working for you and you are always learning as you step forward on your journey.

Each time I feel similar feelings like I felt in the above paragraph (discouragement, unworthiness, and being bummed), I take a couple of days to work through it and then I let go and “give up” in a way. I always remind myself, “Either this, or something much better, is coming to me, for me.”

You CAN master the Law of Attraction, but being a master doesn’t mean you stop learning altogether.

Manifesting is a dance between you and the Universe: take turns leading.

Think of something you are really desiring right now. No matter how much you want it, let go of the idea of having it and make peace with all that you have right now. As soon as you fully surrender to your outcome, BAM! Your manifestations emerge. Make this your new mantra and affirm it over and over again:

Either this, or something much better, is coming to me, FOR me.

I believe in you, you’ve got this!

XOXO Jaclyn

Happy Halloween!


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