Hey Beautiful Soul!

I’m continuing to invite you on my spiritual journey with me. I’m about to get real and raw, and I’m scared because this means I don’t know what will happen in the future. But you know what, maybe this is okay? It’s learning to surrender, and then surrender, and surrender again, and again…

Your spiritual journey will often feel very hypocritical: as soon as you release and let go, your breakthrough comes to you.

I’ve had quite a bit of internal reflection over the past 2 weeks. I pride myself in showing transparency while on my spiritual journey, especially because I know life feels like a roller coaster ride.

Today it hit me because I realize I’m in a transition

During moments of internal reflection due to “no’s” you’re receiving, your true purpose is once again placed out in front of you, for you.

If I take away ALL the pomp and circumstance from my plate, what am I left with? My soul’s purpose.

If I take away ALL the fluff, ALL the success milestones, and ALL the money I’ve made thus far, what am I left with? My souls’ purpose.

Learn to embrace your “down” moments because in these moments you’ll find your most authentic self once again.


Your Passion Is Allowed to Transition

I’ve decided to make the EMPOWERING DECISION to embrace my transition because I’m tired of trying to “sell sell sell” because I want to keep up with the big leagues. Owning a business is supposed to be fun and full of passion. And…

You’re allowed to transition your passion at any moment in time that you decide.

How freeing is this? Instead of trying to run in the race in order to keep up with the big leagues, what if you just have fun playing on the playground?

What if you’re supposed to be different? And from there you make a huge impact in the world?

And you know what I’ve learned over this past year? That for me, being an advocate for all that’s good in the world is much more meaningful than to make a quick few thousands of dollars just so I can be at a “success” level others are currently at (note: this is me attempting to validate myself on an entrepreneurial level).

I’m thankful. I’m grateful. And I’m humble I have come to this realization. I want to inspire others to do good things in the world, not because you want to be rich with only money, but because you want to be rich in all ways of the world.

Abundance in ALL forms: money, love, happiness, and everything else in our lives because we so deserve it!


In Conclusion…My Hypocritical Shift Realization

After talking to a celebrity a few times over these past few weeks I realize my true mission, my true soul’s purpose, and I honestly don’t even care anymore if I “keep up with” the big leagues when it comes to financial gain.

My soul’s purpose has always been to help others live more fulfilling lives.

And this is what feels so wonderful for me, it’s what feels fun and gives me passion.

If you took away all the pomp and circumstance on your plate, what are you left with that is YOUR soul’s purpose? Do your Mastering Manifesting Journaling either onto a computer or with a pen onto paper, and let me know what you’ve realized. This is your blueprint for 2020, yeah! I’m excited just typing this out for you!

PS- Beginning Jan 1, 2020, Write into Reality Week happens in our Facebook family group! I invite you to join us, it’s totally FREE!

XOXO Jaclyn


My Manifesting Journal in Fortune Green & Aubre’s Beautiful Painting for Skylar! Photo Credit: The WarPaint Project